Wednesday, 16 January 2013


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I really must get to grips with this Facebook and Twitter addiction of mine. Both are the major hurdles to overcome if my book is to get finished by my June deadline.

They are both dreadful distractions which I seek when looking for a place to hide from writing when things are not going well. I have a crisis of confidence at the moment that my characters are cliché and I need to do some thinking about whether I want to change them, give them different roles and relationships, or to keep going as they are to the end and then reassess the whole thing when a final draft is complete.

Sometimes though, I find very interesting things posted on social networking sites which can be an education in themselves such as the stories and traditions of the indigenous tribes of America.

Anyone who reads this blog will know that I love dogs and I agree with every word said about them being (Hu)Man's best friend and they way they react to people comes from the nurture or torture of their owners.

Dogs are teachers, healers, loyal followers, defenders, and guides. They love unconditionally, even when their masters are cruel, and they always give rather than take. Life without them would be unbearable.

Perhaps westerners don't generally respect the dog in it's spiritual form and often we get them for ourselves and our own motives rather than any notion of what is best for the dog.

But often even when they are as ugly as this they have beautiful souls. We still love and cherish them and maintain a spiritual link with the ancestor of the wolf even after they have gone no matter what they look like.

Blogging can also be a distraction but I resolved not to do any writing on the novel today because I am completely focussed on the start of my new course this evening. I want to be absolutely sure that it all runs to plan and goes smoothly.

Whether I will get any time to write at all this week is a matter for debate but then maybe taking a few days out will do me some good. I might see those characters in a completely different light when I get back to the screen, the keyboard, and the next round of intensive brainstorming.

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