Monday, 14 January 2013


The snow has finally landed. It's been promising to arrive all week and last night it started. The odd light snow flake led to powder dust cover on the land yesterday morning, with heavier snowfall overnight which made running a bit tricky today. I managed to negotiate my way around icy patches but there were times when I had to stop and walk because it was too slippery underfoot. The run wasn't really challenging because of it but I still enjoyed getting out there.

It was a good job I went early because now the snow flakes are huge and sticking more easily to the ground. I do have a nice view from my office window, as you can see above, but I'm still trying to avoid distractions so I'll try not to stare at the fall for too long.

Distractions, or procrastination, plagued me on Saturday when no more than a few thoughts about dialogue between my flawed heroine Lou and her bully boss Sharp came to mind. I told myself off for not doing more and then set to work yesterday to try and move my crime novel along.

I now have six chapters framed so the beginning of the book is starting to take shape. I've been listening to my characters and adapting my plot slightly to ensure their world stays realistic.

Today, however, distractions are necessary because I have work to plan for my teaching that starts this week. I'm really excited about the creative writing and 20th century crime literature sessions I'll be holding for adults in the community. The journalism course is slightly different this year so there is much to do in preparation to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Meanwhile, my husband is not very keen on this thick snowfall. As he helpfully reminded me, our roof leaks. Although it was bodged to hold it up until better weather came, and the funds to fix it properly, the extra snow weight could mean disaster.

That's certainly taken the romance out of this year's picture postcard winter scene.


It snowed heavily all day and I tried not to look and dream out of the window, or worry about the roof which has held up so far, but stayed on course and got all of my tasks done. By the time my head came back up from my paperwork and computer, the snow had thickened and left quite a clich├ęd blanket outside.

I even managed to frame chapter seven of the novel. I reckon that now gives me a good start and the beginning of the middle of the story. I now need to go back and rewrite, make those chapters fit, and make them tight, and then it will be on to what I think will be the most painful part of writing as I tease out that middle and look towards the end of my story.


  1. I was hoping for a snow day today. We had an inch yesterday but it rained this morning and shifted it all :-(

  2. I'm now scared my roof will fall in. Hampy is soooo romantic ;) We're both looking forward to the 23rd btw x

  3. Ahh, you've booked it? We will see you then.

  4. I did thanks to your tip @ £52 for 2. Dunno how it came up so expensive when I first looked.

  5. That's what we paid, although I checked before Christmas and it was over £100.

  6. I checked dates after Xmas right through Jan, Feb and March but it kept coming up at £149 for 2. When you alerted me to the dates you were going, I typed in the date and bingo :)