Friday, 4 January 2013


I've been alerted to The Writer's Café thanks to a helpful Twitter contact who suggested it was a great place to share reviews, get feedback on fiction work, and connect with publishers.

I had a go but got frustrated when it didn't appear to acknowledge that I'd posted up two chapters of my book. Unsure of where they may have ended up in the cyberspehere, I decided to delete my newly created account. I couldn't work out how to use it so there seemed little point. Then my contact told me that the site is "old IT" and the biggest key to gaining benefit from it is patience. I've reinstated my account so I'll just wait and see what happens next.

Meanwhile, I had hoped to work on creating chapter three tomorrow but it doesn't look likely as Grandaughter No 1 (of 2) is coming over to stay. She loves coming, we love having her, and her mum and dad need a break as her little brother, Grandson No 1 (of 2), is poorly with teething.

I don't know whether she will join me for my morning run after she wakes up on Sunday morning, as she's only 6 years old, but I suppose she might enjoy a muddy stroll in the fields.

This new regime of mine must be doing me some good because I'm starting to ache in places I'd forgotten existed. No pain, no gain as they say - and that includes overcoming the frustrations of joining a new community for writers.

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