Thursday, 10 January 2013


I love the lamp that I got for Christmas but it does remind me of the promises I made to myself to stay on track and write my first crime novel.

Today is, after all, the day when most annual resolutions are broken.

I didn't run this morning and I haven't written a word or had a thought about my book. After a staff meeting in town I had errands to run, and a few calls to make, so I excused myself because I did a fair bit of walking instead.

I didn't write because my head was filled with tasks of the day which included sending off a copy of my book Devils Let Loose to a publisher to consider a re-write and a re-publish. I'm also researching another writing business project that I'll need publishing help with so thoughts and ideas on that have taken up most of my brain space.

Sadly, what bit was left was used to distraction on Facebook. I enjoyed a discussion about my exotic lamp but I also got involved in political debates when I promised myself that I would steer of that subject this year.

I blame Twitter for drawing me in after work - but then if it hadn't, I wouldn't have known that today is the day that I was destined to break the pledges I made to myself.

Ah well, we're all human. Tomorrow I'll get back on with the job and that is to write up the scenes I've created so far for the novel and see where they fit into chapters.

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