I am a UK based journalist. My news stories and features on a wide variety of subjects have been published in many national and local publications to an ethical, professional and accurate high standard.

I can write on any subject. During my established 25 year career I have covered health, gossip, celebrity, business, local government, criminal courts and other tribunals, interviews, community events, education and the downright bizarre and unusual as well as the polemic. I am a woman with strong opinions if asked to express them.

I've also been commissioned as a copy writer and researcher by private business and public bodies to write newsletters and promotional literature.

I taught journalism to university students on a part time basis from 2000 until 2013 when I moved to more full time and permanent work teaching the vital skill of Teeline Shorthand to those serious about entering the profession. I have taught adults literature, creative writing, blogging and social networking in the community at the WEA

A love of writing - exploring the everyday world, the human condition, and its raw emotions brought on by events, happenings and circumstances - is what led me to journalism. However, I completed a Master of Arts degree in script writing and fiction at Nottingham Trent University in 2010 to expand my creative writing skills.

I dabble in fiction and I'm writing a novel in my spare time. I call the fictional stories posted here "work in progress" because after they've been posted up, I always find improvements could be made. Few, if any, could be considered complete and final but I welcome comment and constructive criticism.

On a personal note, I am married with four children and five grandchildren. I used to have two boxer dogs but I'm wary of getting another pet because the loss is too great to bear, but the family feels incomplete without them.

Apart from reading and writing, my hobbies include running, cycling, walking, horseriding, gardening, foraging, travelling, camping, music, festivals, films, TV and theatre. I write on this blog about what interests me. I also have a section for my students to help them with shorthand dictation and theory.

Should you wish to contact me for commissions or to discuss any of my work, then please for more information.

Pat Nurse asking questions at an anti-prohibition conference in Brussels


From LinkedIn

“I worked with Pat at NTU when we were both MA students, compiling the student anthology of creative writing. Pat was a committed member of the team, always helpful and willing to play her part in getting the job done. For a low budget, low profile task, this project created a high level of fireworks within the group dynamic, and I was always glad to have Pat on side to see the work pragmatically through to completion. This is the only 'semi-professional' work experience I have of Pat, but I'm sure that her practical and conscientious approach will translate to all areas of her work life. I would strongly recommend her as someone to be trusted to do things well, with a good sense of humour as well as high standards of personal integrity.” April 30, 2012

“Pat works hard, with humour and imagination. She spends time finding things out rather than always demanding assistance, but will take advice when asked to. A pleasure working with her.” May 22, 2012

From the Tackling Teenage Pregnancy in Lincolnshire team (Click the image to enlarge text):