Thursday, 16 March 2017


Musical Teeline is a popular way of practising shorthand. I prefer those songs where lyrics are clear. To take account of both novices and the more advanced in speed, I have chosen two relatively slow songs - Amazing Grace by Judy Collins and Don't Explain by Billie Holliday. And just because it is a great song, it has graceful dancers in the video, and the lyrics come at you fast, the third choice is Sway by Dean Martin.

The shorthand is below each video for you to check your outlines. Remember that you can double up on some outlines if you find the first two songs too slow and you can hit pause to catch up if you struggle to keep up with any that you find too fast. Keep going with them until you can get each song down in one go. Then make sure you can transcribe your notes.


  1. Yikes - you're much braver than me!

  2. It's been a while since I've been here and now I see one of the videos has gone from Youtube and is no more. It was the best version of Sway by Dean Martin because the dancing was so sublime. As for shorthand, it is easy when you know how ;)