Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Whenever you go away there is always something happening at home that you miss and as much as I enjoyed the The concert in Verona I am gutted to have not been present at the Lincoln School of Journalism's ball.

A couple of my students at the University of Lincoln had asked me before our classes came to an end last month if I was going but because of my trip away I was unable to make it. Therefore, it was only today when I had to go into work to invigilate for an exam, that I found out students had honoured me with a recognition award for helping them along with their Teeline Shorthand.

I'm told the applause was massive and I am very sorry that I was not there to hear it or to say a huge thank you to the students for their appreciation, and of course to congratulate them for their own hard work in gaining the relevant speeds from 60wpm upwards that they wanted. Shorthand is not an easy subject but with regular study and practice it can be nailed and I am glad that I can help those who are determined to master it.

I was also over the moon when some of my students presented me with a card, and chocolates, after they finished the course and achieved their 100wpm passes. "Bonkers but lovely shorthand tutor" is a description I can happily live with. I am pleased you have all enjoyed (if that is the right word) your shorthand sessions.

I've often told students the reward is in the effort and maybe they decided I needed some reward for my efforts too. I am truly humbled and thrilled to get this award and really sorry that I couldn't be there on the night.

Thank you all again - and good luck with your future careers. There are some real stars coming out of our university and I am very proud to have been one of the tutors involved in helping to create and train the next generation of journalists to the highest standard expected of editors.

I will treasure this award and your good wishes for years to come. I will never forget any of those who I have met during this first three years of teaching the subject. It has been an absolute pleasure.


  1. This is well deserved recognition of all your hard work Pat - and I was there - there was loud whooping in addition to the applause! We missed you ... it was a great evening ... but I guess a concert in Verona can't be rescheduled too easily!

  2. Thanks Debbie. I am really sorry I wasn't there. I had no idea. The trip away was also my husband's birthday treat so that was another added to many reasons why I couldn't have cancelled it. It almost cancelled itself, incidentally.

    First I booked flights leaving from Gatwick and coming back to Stansted which was awkward but we decided to cope. Then I realised that I'd booked hotel and flights for March for a concert I had tickets for in May. And then finally when we had to check in online, I found I had only booked my husband's flight when I cancelled the initial booking and had to hastily book myself in again on the same flight.

    Clearly something was trying to tell me not to go.

    I am over the moon about the award but of course I should mention that the job is made much better because of the support given to me by both Sue and Ruth - and of course the students are a lovely bunch and a pleasure to teach.