Monday, 1 July 2013


Solstice weekend at Badger Farm, Asterby, Louth was amazing fun. It is the time of year when the hosts hold the EcoFest festival but it sadly ended last year after 20 years and so we crew were invited for a small gathering to party, camp and just have fun and a catch up with people we don't often see at any other time of year.

The weather wasn't too bad. The sun came out a lot but there was a bit of rain - hence the beautiful rainbow - and it was quite a furious wind which flapped the tent so hard it wrestled with itself against the elements to stay up.

We had a big camp fire and were treated to a visit from Claudio Kron Do Brazil who had me dancing in the moonlight. An example of his style can be seen and heard in the video below. Amazing is all I have to say about it.

And then there was a couple of musicians from one of my favourite festival bands The Bad Apples who came along to jam in the moonlight. There was an almost pagan feel to the evening as a woman danced in the glow of the fire as they played folk music.

The moon was huge and I got the best shot of it that I could. At times like that I wish I was a real photographer rather than just someone able to point a camera, shoot and hope for the best. I guess it didn't turn out too badly.

It was such a friendly chilled out atmosphere a million miles away from busy life that I hated to come home but reality always strikes. It was a shame that I couldn't make the Funny as Folk Festival last weekend but maybe next year.

To me winter is for working hard but summer because it is so short and we don't get a lot of hot days in England is for fun.

My next big summer party will be the Forest bash at Boisdales of Canary Wharf which is on tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to it.

And then in a couple of weeks I'm going on a girlie friends boat trip to Rotterdam. I just hope the weather will be kind but if not I am sure we can find a warm and welcome place to spend time until the boat takes us home again.

I suppose my last summer event will be Small World the second festival from the Wolds Collective at Badger Farm. It really is worth the cost for anyone who fancies time in the gorgeous Louth Wolds countryside. Booking is available at the link.

Meanwhile, some of the acts on offer are mentioned in this poster.


  1. Excellent pics of both the rainbow AND the moon for someone "who just points a camera" m'lady! LOL! I've tried the moon a number of times and don't think I ever got a shot quite that nice!

    You mention it being big: I think it was one of the "Supermoons" we get occasionally where it's a bit closer than usual and appears 5 to 10% larger. Not a *big* difference, but if you're seeing it anywhere near the horizon you'll usually be struck by its appearing "big."

    Glad you had a good time! No festivaling for me this summer... ::sigh:: All work and no play... but it'll be worth it!


  2. It is pertinent to note that the vinegar-drinking, purse-lipped fun-hating bansturbators never have a convivial gathering such as this.
    Has anyone seen anywhere a report such as this which revels in the delights of bansturbation?

  3. How strange.
    The second set of numbers I was required to enter prior to the publication of my comment above were the telephone number of my house in Luanshya, Zambia in the 1960s!

  4. Thanks Michael. It really was a lucky shot. Photography is an art. Anyone can take a half decent picture but I'll bet a proper photographer would have got much more out of it and made that moon look as big as it really was.

    Steve, for sure our crew knows how to party. As for the numbers, maybe e-blogger is trying to tell you something .. ;)