Monday, 15 April 2013


I'm sure we don't have ghosts in our house but I am at a loss to explain a very strange occurrence that happened last winter and resolved itself last week.

In November, my daughters and grandchildren all came to celebrate multiple birthdays in the family. The pestle and mortar, which I've never used, is just an ornament that daughter No 2's friend bought me as a gift from Thailand and when the children come they like to play with it like a drum and make a very loud noise.

After the chaos of the day ended, and I tidied up after they all went home, I realised a plastic pink pig arrived and the pestle was missing. My detective skills led me to believe that one of them had left the toy and scooped up the pestle by mistake as toys got packed away.

Apparently not. None of them owned a pig and none of them had the pestle. We searched high and low, looked down the back of the chair and the settee, under cupboards and the sideboard, in drawers, but alas it could not be found. The pig later acquired a pair of sunglasses which grand daughter No 2 left behind.

Then last week, two of my daughters came over for the day. The pig sat on the mantelpiece waiting to be claimed by someone and I mentioned that I never did solve the mystery of where it came from or where the pestle had gone. But as I pointed to the empty mortar, it wasn't empty anymore. The pestle had returned, all be it slightly chewed in places with little teeth marks.

My other half and my son hadn't found it or replaced it without telling me, and my daughters, as shocked and bemused as me in noting that it had reappeared, swear they hadn't taken it by mistake and I'm sure they would have said if they did.

I guess it will remain one of life's little mysteries. Meanwhile, if anyone has lost a toy farmyard pig, perhaps they could get in touch and I'll return it to the rightful owner. Until then, it will stay as a reminder of how things are never as they seem.

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