Thursday, 7 March 2013


I hate it when two great TV series are on at the same time on different channels but these days the dilemma of which one to watch is painless thanks to the internet.

On Channel 5 the last episode of the Chandleresque with an Irish twist Jack Taylor series is on and I can't miss it. I'm charmed by the rough and ready character, loving his non-politically correct stance on life and intrigued by the apparent Irish Garda police way of doing things.

Flawed heroes are always best. Being less than perfect makes them human to the core and easier to identify with. Coming out good at the end is their redemption and that is something that Jack Taylor needs plenty of with his hard living lifestyle, vicous tongue and eager fists. He pays for his sins by getting beaten half to death every week. He loses a few days of his life on every case when he sinks into a drunken black hole of lost time because he can't handle loss. First the father figure barman and then the woman he's fallen in love with.

His side kick female Garda officer gives balance to Taylor's wild side and he can still count on a few friends in the force to watch his back while others would relish in his downfall.

On at 9pm, it clashes with a spooky drama on BBC 1 that I'm hooked on - Mayday. I have to know how it will end. More questions than answers have developed as I've watched it and so there is a lot to resolve. The residents are so creepy any one of them could be the one whodunnit.

A young girl has gone missing and that has focussed suspicion on everyone and turned a small community in on itself. Families and neighbours begin to question what they really know about the people closest to them. Vigilantism is an ever-present threat. No one can be trusted and no one can really be believed.

Given that Channel 5 on the internet is pretty crap because it often freezes, moves slowly and out of sync, then I reckon I'll watch Jack Taylor on the box first before settling down to watch Mayday on BBC iPlayer later which offers much better quality and no annoying repetitive adverts.

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