Monday, 18 March 2013


I'm really excited about a forthcoming visit to my favourite place in London Boisdale of Canary Wharf next week to see renowned jazz clarinet player Mark Crooks.

I've never heard of him before but I have been to this classy venue a few times although visits have usually been linked to events organised by free choice group Forest which I avidly and actively support.

I also follow Boisdale music on Facebook and entered a simple competition to win a free night out for two. I suppose I was a bit hasty because the event I won access to was during the same week and there was no way I could make it.

However, they are such a great bunch over there they happily changed the date of my visit to a time that suits me. My rail tickets and hotel room are booked for the night and as the event on March 25th gets closer, I'm looking forward to it so much I think I might just burst before I get there.

Musician Jools Holland is patron of music there. It really doesn't matter which night you go along because there is always something special happening. In addition to great sounds and a stylish atmoshere, the food is brilliant, the wine excellent, the terrace looking out over Canary Wharf sublime.

My other half is not one for London so he doesn't want to come with me but my best friend does which means it will be a girlie night out for two and we both can't wait.

I will do a full report on it after the event but if jazz music, class and nostalgia are your thing then there really is no other place that does it quite as good as Boisdale. I'm literally jumping for joy.

UPDATE : 19/03/13

Sadly my friend can't make the visit with me due to an important commitment that has come up on the same date which she can't avoid so my son is coming instead and we just watched this video together which says more about Boisdale than I could write here.

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