Monday, 28 January 2013


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Yesterday I was lamenting my underemployed situation due to an industry I believe is in crisis only to find myself so busy today that my head was spinning.

I had a couple of stories to write up, both for online outlets, and a couple to chase up for features, plenty of paperwork to get through, and teaching plans for my adult education classes to finalise. They went really well last week and the learners appeared to benefit and enjoy themselves. I have one class of very keen readers, eager to study three crime novels, and one class of very enthusiastic and talented writers keen to learn more about how to shape their ideas into stories, scripts, books, and poems. Vicious freezing fog prevented some people from getting out last week which meant the Sleaford course was cancelled. Maybe it will be kinder tomorrow and even more will drop in for the courses at Boston where there was much more interest.

As I suspected, this busy period has hampered progress on my novel. However some rewriting on the seven rough chapters has taken place and now I know the story does not start with the running girl. She comes later. I've also done a bit more research on the type of murderer I'm trying to create but I reckon I will need to step up my writing pace if I am to hit that June deadline with a completed first draft.

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