Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I've never written a radio script before because I think in screen visuals but I might have a go and enter this competition run by the BBC Writer's Room.

I attended a couple of their workshops at De Montford University while I was studying for my MA at Nottingham Trent and I found them inspiring, educational and enlightening.

I handed over my 10 minute script for consideration. I received a very nice reply but it wasn't one that impressed so maybe I'll have better luck with a radio piece.

The thing to watch out for when writing a radio script as opposed to writing for screen is the obvious. People listening to a radio show have to be shown what the actors are doing because they can't see them.

For example, you can hand over a cup of tea on screen and the viewer will see it along with the look on the face of the actor who delivers it and the one who receives it. Words are not necessarily needed.

On radio it's different so if that cup of tea is an important part of the action then it has to be mentioned in a way that conveys that action.

You could say : "Here's your cup of tea" and if you want to show character interaction and the relationship between characters then you can even add feeling : "Here's your cup of tea. I hope it flipping chokes you" or even : "Here's your cup of tea darling. I made it special just as you like it, milk first, nice and strong and as sweet as you are to me."

One thing you have to admire about all writers is their compulsion to write even if they think their writing will go nowhere but the bottom drawer of their desk.

Being a writer is a lifelong learning experience and a craft where experience brings expertise so it's time that I ventured into radio writing to see how far my skills will stretch.

To anyone else entering the Writer's Room Writer's Prize then good luck. We writers surely need it.

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