Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The sun shone down on the 2nd annual Spirit of the Marsh festival which had a great atmosphere, great food, great music and marauding vikings.

The highlight of the weekend in Theddlethorpe was the procession of the Nordic invaders but there was plenty more on offer.

My other half was completely in awe of the vikings. I think it brought out the kid in him. He loved the longboat that carried the imaginary souls of 40 dead warriors. It was torched at the end of the procession so their spirits could be freed to Valhalla.

More photos are available HERE and the Mablethorpe Leader wrote about it too.

We were privileged to work as crew and earned our keep on car park duty. I'm not sure that my other half should have been given a Marshall vest because while wearing it he turned into a little clipboard and peak cap Hitler but as I'm more laid back to the point where I might fall over so we balanced out and gave good service with no complaints and a few good natured laughs.

The rain that drizzled on us as we pitched up our tent soon disappeared to leave a weekend of sunshine that got hotter as each day passed. It was truly glorious weather and a glorious event in a charming village I'd never been to before. I hope there are many more.

We will definitely be there next year come rain or shine. The Spirit of the Marsh is now a regular fixture on our summer calendar and it should be on anyone else's that likes music, fun, crafts, fire shows, beautiful countryside, camping, and great company.


  1. That's exactly how I remember it - Nice photo's, did your other half take them?

  2. No - it was me. They'd probably be even better if he took them because I'm not great with a camera. I'll upload what I have onto the FB page asap. There were a few more.