Friday, 9 December 2011


I can't remember where I got this ScreenwritingU video from but it has some invaluable information on how to make an impact with a script within the first three pages to attract the attention of producers.

I'll be working to the rules for a script that just needs a bit of a tweak which I'll be sending out in the new year and it's great to be writing again after suffering a massive block during the last couple of months.

My former tutor said there is no such thing as writer's block and suddenly not being able to write was more about a loss of confidence than about a loss of talent. I've never had it before. It meant that whatever idea I came up with, I scrapped, or backed away from, and even looking at anything I'm working on filled me with horror.

It's been hell but suddenly this week the ability to write, the excitement of writing, and to know what I'm writing about has returned. It's a huge relief and great to be back inside my characters' world looking at ways of making them tell the stories in my head.

My next challenge is to try and write a fictional short story of 100 words with a competition in mind. I've picked up some tips from HERE and HERE but I'm sceptical of entering either linked competitions if a fee is involved.

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