Friday, 5 August 2011


During my MA fiction course, we had to submit a piece of work about once a month for critique. I hated that partly because I was too busy with work to give fiction my full attention and partly because I knew whatever I submitted in haste was always going to be crap.

As a result, most of my submissions got very heavily criticised - even laughed at to my shame - which resulted in me wanting to run a million miles away from anything to do with short stories or novels.

I did, however, begin to write a crime novel. Now I'm a year away from it, I can see why it caused such a giggle and why it was so crap which immediately made me want to scrap it but instead I began to tweak it, rethink my characters, and let it lead me to where it's going rather than the other way around.

I have an idea of what it's supposed to be about so I'm hoping that by going back to my 2000 words a day fiction writing target that it will all somehow begin to take shape.

If that happens anytime within the next year, I'll let you know.

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