Saturday, 25 June 2011


I get ideas all the time for writing scripts but with four now of a very different nature in the bag, I don't much see the point of writing more until at least some interest in shown by producers or agents in those I have already.

That is maybe a bit of a defeatist attitude but the truth is I wanted to write fiction and script not so much as a hobby anymore as a new market for paid work and a new career progression.

I did my MA in the hope that it would give some sort of insight into the industry and of course to learn to write to industry standard. As I got a First for my dissertation, I figured I'd proved myself capable with the skills needed to write screen plays and all I had to do was to find someone who would take me seriously.

That script has been to just one agent and two production companies. The agent said no thanks with no other feedback than the script did not make them react. The producers haven't bothered to respond so I guess the silence speaks for itself.

Looking back at the script after taking almost a year out, I can see it still has many faults but without guidance and mentoring from someone in the industry who can perhaps pinpoint more exactly what's wrong with it, I guess it'll stay on file or just get spiked as I really am stumped for ideas of what to do with it and where to send it.

I also have paid work as a journalist to find which is taking up more of my time than I'd like and again despite my qualifications and 20 years of experience, finding any work in the newspaper industry is proving nigh on impossible in this time of austerity cutbacks and news by press release.

I guess as far as the scripts are concerned, I need to root through the lists of agents and producers and probably spend the next year or two hoping that one will actually read it. They get millions each week I am sure and I don't know what there is about my scripts that offers anything new. Maybe the email links provided just send new writer's work into spam boxes so I guess my best bet is to get myself several new printer cartridges, print off several copies, send them to all on the list and cross my fingers.

Failing that I can't think of how to get my work to the attention of anyone in the industry who might be interested in it. It's like fumbling in the dark trying to find the light switch without success but wish me luck. I'm surely going to need it.


  1. I have heard (but never tested it) that if you're pitching a script and it takes more than one ten-second sentence, the agent/director/producer will just hang up.

    It has to grab their attention at once. Then, if they accept it, they'll change it all anyway.

    The important part is getting paid. Let them turn your script for 'Zombies Eat Manhattan' into 'Rocky XVIII' and take the money.

    But there is a caveat. I have no idea how to write a script.

  2. I think you're right there but it's getting someone to look at it in the first place. The last production company that it was sent to hasn't yet replied or even acknowledged it - or another that I sent - so I need to send out again but it's possibly going to take me a lifetime :(